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Welcome to your online resource for Medical Infrared Imaging. Medical Infrared Imaging is used in a variety of medical fields including: oncology, vascular disorders, respiratory disorders, skeletal and neuromuscular diseases, surgery, and tissue viability. Under Online Resources you will find a large amount of information pertaining to individual medical infrared uses, as well as the technology behind the science.


We are constantly adding new articles, news, images, and information to this site; please check back often for the latest news regarding infrared medical imaging. Our own full length articles are located under our medical infrared resources. In addition we keep you up to date with the latest news available online under our medical news section.


Medical Infrared has many uses in the medical field. It also goes under many names and is commonly called DITI or Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging as well as Medical Infrared, Medical Thermography, Medical Thermology, etc.


Forums are available for registered users to exchange information regarding medical infrared thermology. There is a photo gallery available for users to exchange images as well as comment on the infrared images. There are many articles discussing Medical Thermography and it's uses in modern medicine.


   !!!This year over 200,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, and over 40,000 women will die. Medical Infrared Thermal Imaging can detect certain cancers 10 years before a mammogram with a 90% accuracy and without the discomfort, errors, and radiation associated with mammography. Help us promote Breast Cancer Awareness this year by getting the word out regarding Medical Infrared Imaging and early detection of breast cancer. The process is non-invasive and has clearance by the FDA. With your help we can educate the world on early detection and prevention of breast cancer.


A recent study by the American Journal of Surgeons concluded that Medical Infrared Imaging systems can be a useful adjunctive test in detecting breast cancer with 97% sensitivity in a clinical trial of 92 patients.



What is Medical Thermology?

Thermology is the medical science that derives diagnostic indications from highly detailed and sensitive infrared images of the human body. Medical Thermology is sometimes referred to as medical infrared imaging and utilizes highly resolute and sensitive infrared thermal imaging cameras.


Thermology is completely non-contact and non-invasive; and involves no form of energy imparted onto or into the body. Medical Infrared Thermology has recognized applications in breast oncology, chiropractic, dentistry, neurology, orthopedics, occupational medicine, pain management, vascular medicine/cardiology and veterinary medicine.


The term non-invasive in medicine means a medical procedure which does not penetrate mechanically, nor break the skin or a body cavity, i.e., it doesn't require an (invasive) incision into the body or the removal of biological tissue.


For centuries, physicians have employed many simple non-invasive methods based on physical parameters in order to assess body function in health and disease (physical examination and inspection), such as pulse-taking, the auscultation of heart sounds and lung sounds (using the stethoscope), temperature examination (using thermometers), respiratory examination, peripheral vascular examination, oral examination, abdominal examination, external percussion and palpation, blood pressure measurement (using the sphygmomanometer), change in body volumes (using plethysmograph), audiometry, eye examination and many others.


The discovery of the first modern non-invasive techniques based on physical methods, electrocardiography and X-rays, dates back to the end of the 19th century. Since then, non-invasive methods – which penetrate the body nonetheless, but by electromagnetic or particle radiation rather than a scalpel – have continuously enlarged the scope of medical technology.

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